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Uncompromising Quality

As an industry leader, Miller Books and Judaica is committed to creating beautiful, high-quality products and gifts from Israel. We believe that every customer deserves a finished product that is both durable and aesthetically superior, down to the last detail.

Our product development specialists, artists, and workers view their jobs as a labor of love – love of their craft, love of Judaica, and above all, love of the mitzvot that are beautified by the masterpieces they help create. Careful thought and planning are invested from the earliest stages of production, to ensure that each item will be perfectly designed and exquisitely crafted.

And the beauty of our products is not just external. We’ve also invested a tremendous amount of time and effort in developing books, particularly siddurim and machzorim, that are user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. If you’re looking to send something special to someone you love, our Seforim sets are perfect gifts from Israel. We print our books using a specially designed font that is clear and easy-to-read. This signature font is named Miller-Drogolin after our company, and it makes reading smooth and effortless. You’ll see the difference on every page!

Similarly, our siddurim feature outstanding layout and organization, making prayer a sublime pleasure.

Our vast selection of products guarantees that you’ll find the color you love, the style you want, and the finishing touches that make every Miller item special.

Miller is proud to offer new products all the time, for every season, event, and holiday. Our selection is big and getting bigger all the time, so you’ll always find something new and innovative at Miller Books and Judaica.

Sixty years of experience have made Miller Books and Judaica the world’s leading company for Jewish books, leather craftsmanship and gifts from Israel, with unsurpassed customer service and professionalism. We look forward to serving you online or at one of our branches worldwide.